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Tucked in a remote place in Clementi Arcade, beside the getting-popular Sunset way is The Daily Scoop. Local ice-cream cafe has been on the rise, think Island Creamery, ice cream chef, haato ice cream gallary, scoopz and a few others.


While there is the plain normal ice cream like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookie & cream etc, there is the long list of new creations available at local ice cream parlours

Brandied Figs & honey: Absolute decadence sweet ligs steeped in brandy mixed into a fragrant honey ice cream

Unusually Apple: Chunky pieces of soft spiced apple with a hint of cinnamon in vanilla ice cream

Sensual Tiramisu: prepare to be enamored. captivated. enchanted

Jaffa Choc: orange marmalade ice cream jazzed up with a generous spread of dark citrus chocolate fudge

Lime & Black Pepper: packs a real punch! First with tangy lime then with spicy pepper

Orange Marmalade: tangy orange ice cream with swirled in marmalade

Hazelnut Haven – a must-have for Nutella© fans

Kahlua® Krunch: coffee ice cream with a more than generous dash of Kahlua®

Arghh.. and the list goes on and on. Go to their website for the whole list

Brandied Figs & honey (left), Hazelnut Haven (right)

Single scoop comes at $2.90, and double scoop at $4.90. So if you do your maths correctly, the double scoop seems a better option. Brandied Figs & honey is a new try for us, not sure if it goes very well with us, but mayb brandy lovers might just get it.

Hazelnut Haven was very good, i simply love Nutella. A must-have everytime i went to ice-cream parlour.

Lime & Black Pepper (left), Orange Marmalade (right)

Lime & Black Pepper may seems a weird combination. On first taste, the lime was rather refreshing, but after a while, the pepper feeling sinks in.

Orange Marmalade was a correct choice, tangy orange ice cream with swirled in marmalade. Try for yourself!

Oh ya, beside Daily Scoop at Clementi Arcade is Bather’s cafe, a place i always wanted to go but no opportunity. Next time then, watch out for it.

41 Sunset Way
#01-04 Clementi Arcade
Tel: 6463 3365

” Ice cream – how do you stop eating them? “


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