Witch Yoo Hee



” As the director of her father’s advertising company, Ma Yoo Hee (Han Ga In) is known as a witch for her ruthless, no nonsense character. After a string of failed attempts to hire a housekeeper, she (literally) runs into Chae Moo Ryong (Jae Hee), ex-medical student turned aspiring chef. As a way to work off his debt for crashing into her car, he agrees to become her housekeeper and personal love affairs coach for one month. Gladly, he gives her a makeover that attracts both her old friend Johnny Kruger (Dennis Oh) and her first love Joon Ha (Kim Jeong Hoon). Despite having a girlfriend, Sung Mi (Jun Hye Bin), Moo Ryong eventually finds himself falling for Yoo Hee. “

A short summary taken from DramaWiki, but in fact the story is not just like that. Taking three days to finish the show, i pine for the show whenever i am not watching it, this funny feeling has not been there for very long, well at least not since when i last watch Princess Hour.  In short, i asked myself why did i not watch this show earlier. The beauty of Korean Drama is fully reflected in this show.


Han Ga In

The heart and soul of the drama. From a “Witch”, she transformed into the beautiful Yoo Hee who yearn for love, the man of her life. At the start she was portray as a Witch being ruthless and no-nonsense character. But slowly we find out the way she is was partly due to her childhood.  Later, she meet our Mr. love coach, Chae Moo Ryong, who gave her a makeover to look attractive, and taught her the way to handle her love affairs. 

Her acting is really good, she’s a natural. You could follow her laughing when she is happy, or cry together with her when she is weeping. How can somebody cry so sadly, while still looking so beautiful? Han Ga In plays a sassy girl role, but also shows her lovely side when she is with her man. Her expression together with her tone is tune perfectly. She can be haughty one moment, innocent the other. Her expression changes really well with each different scene. Oh man, i really don’t know how to explain, you ought to watch the drama just to see her, my new love.

The hair-factor. Now now, long hair used to be the thing for female, but nowadays there is this trendy-looking short hair going around. Han Ga In wears it really well. I felt that the hair style did not suit many actress, think Jolin tsai, Hebe. But even though Han Ga In looks gorgeous in her long hair, she looks stunning in her new short hair-style too.

The Three Hunks

Well, we have not one, but three handsome male leads. Joon Ha (Kim Jeong Hoon), Johnny Kruger (Dennis Oh) and of course Chae Moo Ryong (Jae Hee) our main lead. Lets start with Joon Ha first shall we?

Joon Ha (Kim Jeong Hoon), this should be one of the reasons why people are looking into this show. Kim Jeong Hoon of Princess Hour fame. Need we say more? Dashing, charming, cute, gentleman, and the list goes on and on. But too bad in this show he isn’t really the good guy. His character is scheming, and will do anything to get what he want, which includes hurting Yoo Hee.

Johnny Kruger (Dennis Oh). Another charmer, his character is really good. A friend to Yoo Hee and Moo Ryong whenever they need help. One reason to watch the show will be for his fans to watch him i suppose.

Which leaves us with our Main character Chae Moo Ryong (Jae Hee). Maybe among the three, Moo Ryong is consider less ‘hunk’, but i still think he is a acter with a lot charisma. Don’t be mistaken when i say he is less hunk, compare to the other two male leads. But i still think that he look very nice, just that in this show his hairstyle a bit not as good as his previous ones. Anyway, he taught Yoo Hee how to love a guy, and ends up falling for her. N’uff said,

Romance is in the air

The show is really good in this, romance. “Shall we be a couple”, “Love, i love you” all this are written on slips of paper put inside the popcorn for Yoo Hee to discover. A ring is hidden inside the ice-cream Yoo Hee is having. The video they took to each other, Him is her superman who will come to her call, and Her is his wonderwoman. Cute!

Moo Ryong will always be there for yoo Hee whenever she needs him. It can be painful when they obviously fallen for each other but yet they didn’t realise. When they confess to each other, obstacles came flooding in, they stand strong against them, and their love didn’t fade.


The show might not fare very well in terms of the TV ratings or reviews, but do you watch a show because of good ratings, or do you watch a show because it is good? In the drama, Yoo Hee and Moo Ryong always ask whether each other is touched, i am sincerely touched by the show. Okay, lets keep this short shall we, nonsense is starting to come out. Please watch the show if you haven’t : )

” I am your superman, and you are my wonderwoman “


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  1. 1 jojo


  2. 2 rick

    very nice drama

  3. 3 are

    its funny

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