When you hang out with a group of friends and wanted seafood for dinner, Fish & Co, Manhattan Fish Market, Greenwood Fish Market and even newly-opened Seafood Harvest by Jack’s Place will spring into mind. There is another option actually, introducing Hooked! A quaint little fish restaurant specialising in fusion cuisine, Hooked! creations try to push the boundaries of marine gastronomic expectations to a different level.

While MFM and Fish & Co both specialises in American-style seafood, with its fish & chips, Seafood platter among its signature dishes, Hooked! took the “healthy” approach by offering more steamed variety of fishes in addition to the fried ones. Actually if you think that MFM and Fish & Co have different variety of seafood, then you are wrong.

Hooked! is the place to be if you want many variety of seafood, from the normal fish & chips, to snappers, groupers, salmons and even to Seabass, and Cod fish. With so many fishes to choose from, the next problem is how do you want the fish to be done? Deep-fried, Barbecued, Pan-grilled, Roasted, Steamed, Pan-seared, Baked, Grilled, you name it they have it. You’ll know when you see the comprehensive and colourful menu, lots of choices to go around, it all depends on how far you want to try.

I am delighted to have Hong yi, Sok Peng & Jolene as my companions for this meal. Being in the right company always make the food taste nicer : ) 

Fish & Chips ($13.50)

Hmm.. The fish & Chips was good i guess, but then again coming to a special seafood restaurant like Hooked!, i think it will be a better choice to try other special fish and methods of cooking. Nevertheless its a decent option if you are not feeling too adventureous. 

Grilled Jumbo Snapper with spicy tomato sauce ($15.50)

Choice of with or without market-fresh squids. Served with sauteed potato and asparagus. The spicy tomato sauce did not cover the freshness of the snapper, instead, it helps to bring up the flavour of the fish, giving it a sweet and hot taste. Take this dish if you are feeling faint after reading the long list of menu and not knowing what to order.

Steamed Cod Thai Cantonese Style ($22.80)

Snowy-white fresh cod steamed in fish broth. Drizzled with heated seasame oil & soy sauce upon serving. Also served with a side dish of panfried linguine or rice. This is one of the more expensive fish around, but it is understood as Cod fish are naturally at the higher end as compared to the other fishes available. But then this dish falls flat when served, partly is because the fish was rather bland in taste, perhaps due to the fact it is steamed, and after having the colourful taste of spicy tomato sauce, and Balsamic Ragenov sauce, this one is not as tasteful. Nonetheless, it is a good option if you want to have steamed fish for a change.

Pan-grill jumbo Seabass in Balsamic Ragenov sauce ($14.80)

Capping off the delightful meal was the Pan-grill jumbo Seabass in Balsamic Ragenov sauce. The flavours contained within were maturely paired and showed a different side to the chef’s ability. What exactly is Balsamic Ragenov sauce, that remains a mystery even after finishing the whole dish. But without a doubt, the sauce was good and offers a unique taste. Furthermore, the linguine was very smooth to the mouth, and the side order of the linguine cost just 2 bucks.

Tofu Otah ($7.90)

The tofu otah was quite good, cheese was topped onto the tofu and otah, but then the price was rather expensive. Best served eaten hot.

Hooked! boasts a pantry of the freshest fish, paired with adventurous preparations. It provides a different dimension from the usual deep-fried and grilled seafood, offering many different methods of serving the fish and seafood fresh. Western cuisine is fused with Asian flair, with the originality of these flavours will definitely hooked up any diners, fish lovers or not. For people who do not fancy fish, there is a column called the anti-fish, which offers three options of meat, but then again why are you ordering meat in a seafood fish restaurant?

Get hooked at Hooked!
390 Upper Bukit Timah Road
The Rail Mall 678045
Tel: 67655336

” Marine gastronomic to a whole new level ” 


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  3. Hee.. Is my comment a little late? The second one shld b pan-seared snapple with tomato sauce. =D
    Mayb I shld show this to my boss? LOL! Think he’ll b very happy for ur free advertising n such fantastic review of his restaurant! Haha..
    Simply very well written.. =P

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