Bread Pig II



The second experiment of Bread Pig, with Focaccia as the bread, seafood spread


Lots of mayo to go


The taste i though was rather good, but then i could be bias. 老王卖瓜自卖自夸 : )



Please leave comments people : )

” The Bread Pig journeys continue… “


5 Responses to “Bread Pig II”

  1. tooo much mayoooo…so rich…..

  2. could do without the mayo, i think. squeeze in a lemon instead! 🙂

  3. 3 ladyironchef

    hahaha. thanks : )

  4. Yah.. too much mayo leh. . 🙂

  5. 5 ladyironchef

    lol! a bit hard ar, cos some like mayo more, some find it too fattening. hahaha. have to find the right balance i guess : )

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