Secret Recipt II



Secret Recipe’s cakes. I told you i will be back during my first visit didn’t i? Here i am, with *sp, and mr ang as my guest for this cake-tasting event. LOL. Actually its more of me forcing em’ to Secret Recipe to satisfy my cravings for cakes. Sinful, guilty as charged. If you cant beat them, you join them. Now now, who wants to join me on the next cake-tasting? Mayb go to Bakerzin, N.Y.D.C or somewhere else : )

Oreo Cheesecake ($4.90)

Frozen creamy cheese with loads of crushed oreo. A combination of oreo and cheese, is always a popular choice among cheesecake lovers. The Oreo cheesecake here certainly does not disappoints. Well, you can’t really compare it with the one i had on Sat @ Wild Rocket. That one goes for the overall packaging, playing food with creatively. But here we got a normal-looking cake, looking what a normal cheesecake is suppose to look like, but at half the price.

I know sometimes people dislike cheesecake because the cheese smell is too strong, and they get sick of it easily. but then after finishing the cheesecake, there are no such feelings really : )

Chocolate Indulgence ($4.90)

Creamy and rich Belgian couventure chocolate. Absolutly a luscious, luxurious, sinfully rich delight. We like this one. The Chocolate Indulgence is certainly worth its price with its size. The generous servings make some other restaurants cake pale in comparison. But then you say its not only the quantity, the quality is more important. Ahh, yes indeed, and i can assure the choc cake here do have enough quality. At $4.90 a slice, its really a steal!

Royal Chocolate Cake ($4.90)

A layer of chocolate chiffon, layered with chocolate, fresh cream, and chocolate cookies. Eh, if given a choice between Chocolate Indulgence and Royal Chocolate Cake, i say go for Choc Indulgence. Somehow the Choc Indulgence just tasted better, and a larger slice.


Three of us share three cakes, and we just managed to finished it. Not that the cakes aren’t nice, in fact they are nice, and Big! This tells you something about the serving of their cake huh? *wink*

Total Bill $16 inclusive of GST and service charge (total 17% of course). I have a new found mission. To taste all the cakes offered by Secret Recipe, eh, i think there’s a total of 20 to 30 of them? Well, i tried five already, so thats twenty or thirty more to go : )

2 Jurong East Street 21
#01-01 Imm Building

Tel: 6562 1811

” To savour all the cakes in the world “


17 Responses to “Secret Recipt II”

  1. 1 sp*

    Remind me to pass u the photoshop next time when we meet up. (:

  2. 2 sp*

    And you secretly took picture of my tofu!!

  3. 3 ladyironchef

    hahaha! the photos dun look very nice hor? must rmb to passme photoshop : )

    And i did not secretly, i did it openly in front of you my dear. LOL

  4. We donch get good cheese cake here.. the ang mohs love their cake whole .. not in slices.. muahahaha!!

  5. 5 ladyironchef

    LOL! eat a whole cake? hahaha.

  6. yupe, secrect recipe serves the largest piece of cake you’ll ever get. with a nice taste to boost too. generic at its best 🙂 i heard awfully chocolate is good leh…u tried before?

  7. 7 ladyironchef

    hahaha! yea, they have one of the largest slice of cake among so many restaurants. nope, nv try before awfully chocolate. Now that u mention it, must try. LOL!

  8. 8 qiugui

    haahaaa…i like secret recipe’s chocolate banana cake!!! it’s a must try!!!
    Bakerzin’s cakes are good also but smaller slices though…i’ve tried their Opéra cake and the strawberry cakes….
    ehhh…i dont mind going NYDC with ya..but i want to eat mudpie instead of cake 😛

  9. 9 ladyironchef

    hahahah! i actually wan to try that one, but in the end took choc indulgence instead. nvm, next time try choc banana : )

    Cheers, NYDC! NYDC! lets go lets go! LOL!

    So hows yr friend visit to Mount Emily yest?

  10. oooh secret recipe does have great cakes. Its great to know ANOTHER food lover! 🙂

    secret recipe’s baana cakes are good, but awefully chocolate has an awesome one too. 🙂

  11. 11 ladyironchef

    hahaha! looks like a trip to awfully choc is high up on the list : )

  12. 12 qiugui

    didnt see her in sch today…shall ask her on monday..haaahaa…
    let’s plan a trip to NYDC when we meet up 😛

  13. 13 juniorlee

    you love cakes? hahahahaha

  14. 14 carlosmamalei

    wa.. ai sei…. ur blog alot of people come sei~~~ u really enjoy life gt time to do some much things… !!!

  15. 15 ladyironchef

    Hi gui, yea, lets go NYDC next time. hahaha

    Hi juniorlee: thanks for dropping by, yes i love cakes : )

    Hi mister ang: where got a lot ppl, a few onli la, but really thankful to all of you who leave comments here. hahaha

  16. 16 qiugui

    haahaa…oohh..forget to mention this other cake i like..
    it’s called concorde, from sweet secrets 😛

  17. 17 ladyironchef

    LOL! now den i know gui like cakes as much as i do. hahaha!

    Cakes always make me feel happier, just like chocolates do : )

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