Al Dente Pronto


Have you ever go into a Italiano restaurant, and all of a sudden feel ordering ALL the food available on the menu?

All you look is at the food, without even giving the price tag a glance?

Feeling excited, we might as well tell the waiter to serve EVERY dish they have on the menu!  

That’s precisely what happen to us when we went to Al Dente Pronto.

Ahh.. You are confuse now right? Is the food so good that we wanted to order all the dishes? Alas, that’s not quite the raison d’être.

The explication for our extravagant & exaggerated behavior is because … …

We had a 50% discount coupon from OCBC. Yes, you didn’t see wrongly, half price for a la carte items during lunch & dinner, up to a table of 4 persons. Dinner was with the Yebbers. So everything we look at, we can only see half the price, and of course this makes it affordable and worry-free to order whatever we like. So we ordered mostly the more expensive dishes : )

The exterior of the restaurant

Al Dente Pronto

Tomato Basil Bruschetta ($5.0)

We kick start our dinner with the Tomato Basil Bruschettra. Diced Tomato, Garlic, Basil, Oregano and olive oil formulate the starter. We were uncertain whether they gave 8 pieces because there are four of us, or it always come in 8 pieces irregardless of the number of people dining. All the same, we felt the starter could do with more tomato, mayb its because of the rising price in agriculture products in China. Think think. First bite into the Bruschettra was crispy and the garlic taste was done just nice. At $2.50 after discount, it was a real good deal.

Grilled Portobello mushrooms ($12.0)

Our second starter was the Grilled Portobello Mushrooms. Served with rocket salad and diced tomatos. The presentation of the dish was done beautifully, but sadly to sad i felt that at $12 it was definitely not worth the price. Even at half price i won’t order it again.

Char-Grilled Sirloin Steak ($20.0)

Finishing our starter, the waiter note our cue to start our Main course for the night. Our first main was the Char-Grilled Sirloin Steak. We requested for medium-rare, but then when the steak was served it was a tad tougher than what we expected from a medium-rare steak. I guess they sort of make it into medium-well instead. Well, its Italiano and not a steakhouse after all. Nevertheless, i felt that the steak was pretty decent, and at half the price of $10, it was value. Oh yes, we liked the potato that came with it, pretty much reminds us of our childhood.

Pan-Seared Butterfish ($20.0)

Served with potatos, sautèed vegetables and topped with a lemon dill butter glace. Al Dente Pronto actually only have three main course available, the other one being roasted corn fed chicken which we didn’t order. I suppose the raison d’être was because the mains are not really their area of specialty. Al Dente Pronto’s extensive variety of Italian Pizzas and Pastas are where they fare better.

Smoked Chicken Pizza ($17.0)

This is the star of tonight’s show. The Smoked Chicken Pizza might not look very special, but then they are undeniably scrumptious, with large chunks of chicken meat beneath the cheesy cheese. Pizza comes flat, thin and crispy.

Arragosta Pasta ($20.0)

Spaghetti with Lobster meat, zucchini and mushrooms, with tomato stew or garlic sauce. We opted for garlic sauce with the belief that garlic can compliment Lobster meat better. And i thought the Arragosta Pasta comes out quite well, mayb except for the fact that it was slightly too dry. I like the lobster meat, which was quite generously furnish on top of the pasta. And i think zucchini (cucumbers) are rather a rare sight in pasta cuisine. Nonetheless, at half price of $10 i think its quite good for money, we are talking about Lobster meat after all.

Tiramisu ($9.0)

To end off the meal, we had Tiramisu as our first dessert. Layers of mascarpone with sponge fingers soaked in coffee and brandy, served with bittersweet chocolate powder The presentation was all right, but the cake was too tough, we had to literally dig inside it to get the tiramisu out.

Macadamia Scented Crème Brulèe ($8.0)

Caramelized custard, infused with Macadamia nut oil served with strawberries on the Macadamia Scented Crème Brulèe.


Total Bill was $122.50 before discount, the amount that we paid for 4 person was $71.20 after discount. The calulations are kind of complicated because the 50% discount does not includes GST and service charge, so they had to count the total price without including them, half the price, and add on the 17% additional charges. Poof! Its comes down to around $18 for per person which i think is reasonably cheap.

All in all, Al Dente Pronto is not really expensive (even without the promotion), the price ranges are mostly in the 10s to 20s. I wont say the food is excellent, in fact some are not. But then i suppose they are still acceptable to me. No you wont go all the way to the forgotton-Great-World-City just for Al Dente Pronto, but i guess if you are in the region you might just want to give it a try. And it certainly helps if you have the OCBC promotion, p.s: it last until end feb.

We had a great night chatting around, there was laughter all over the place, and at times i thought the waiter will just kick us out of the place. It was fun fun & fun! Looking forward to the next Yebber gathering! Cheers!

Al Dente Pronto
1 Kim Seng Promenade #02-k2 Great World City
Tel: 67347334

” Italiano delights, Companion enjoyment “


8 Responses to “Al Dente Pronto”

  1. 1 sp*

    hungry all over again! still feeling hungry even i’ve eaten, because those food look delicious~

  2. 2 qiugui

    haahaaa…a restaurant that serve food which can be considered as a form of culinary art…makes me feel so hungry early in the morning while in the midst of law class…

  3. 50% discount does make it alot more worthwhile going. 🙂

  4. we’ve went to aldente at holland v and esplanade before. the food rocks, but it’s a bit expensive. and we didn’t know about this new branch at great world. 50% discount. cool.

  5. 5 ladyironchef

    To sp: when are we going for lunch? lol

    To gui: meet up soon for a gastronomic experience with me. hahaha

    To Mama Bok: Yea, 50% makes a lot of diff : )

    To eateatenate: u wan the coupon? i still got one. hahaha

  6. I tried their lobster pasta for the first time about 3-4 years back. Was quite impressed as the flesh was actually freshly sweet. Haven’t eaten there for a long time though.

  7. 7 ladyironchef

    yea, the lobster meat was really quite good, not those cheap cheap one. lol

  8. 8 Vincevince

    Try Spizza, the growing restaurant in Singapore that offers pizza delivery islandwide.
    Check the tempting delivery menu on !!

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