The list that everybody wants to go


Lo-&-Behold! Taa-ddaa! Ladyironchef’s new list for the week, from now onwards, this list will be updated frequently, you can find the link by looking at the right side, the third box under “Travel & Eat“. Kindly click on that link next time, and you will see my latest updated list

If you are interested to go to the listed following places, please feel free to drop me a comment here. or if you have any interesting site/places which you highly recommend, pls feel free to drop a comment also. We can organise a food gathering!! My New Year Resolution will be to eat more yummlicious food in this coming new year, all the restaurants listed below are the places i want to go! Cheers : ))




  • Cugini*





















  • Zambuca Italian Restaurant*

* Denotes new update
     Denotes been there already

Highlighted in Bold denotes priority


23 Responses to “The list that everybody wants to go”

  1. 1 carlosmamalei


  2. blue spoon! space @ humble! 🙂

  3. Happy New Yr!! =D

  4. 4 D

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  5. 5 ladyironchef

    hahaha! happy chinese new year to all!!

    May all of us eat more yummy food in the coming new year : ))

  6. happy chinese new year too!!

    ahaha your blog name is so cute!

    wish you all the best for year of the rat! hee lots of people’s resolution is to eat less and lose weight, but yours is to savour more yummilicious food! (:

  7. 7 ladyironchef

    hahaha! thanks for visiting : )

    yea, eat more yummy food!! hahaha

  8. 8 pth

    lol BRAD~ i din noe u do reviews for food!! u certainly dun look like one in camp. and ur wish list above is LONGGGG…. well keep up the work man.. will definitely visit ur site to check on ur reviews… anyway happy new year dude. may u get lotsa ang pows and eat lotsa goodies…

  9. 9 ladyironchef

    hahaha!! thanks!

    come back visit my site often : )

    next time we go eat together. hahaha! happy chinese new year to u too!

  10. 10 iLonely

    Yoz, brad… !! I m here finally.

    Reading through ur site, found tt u ar prof. in FOOD sia. Which I m scare of de. Can’t eat as much as u posted or commented to go and try. LOLX. But the pic u uploaded is also much appreciated.

    *Kindly add tis: 老香港茶餐厅 @ Marina Sqaure Food Loft #04-101/102

    Recommended to eat/try: 車仔麵 (嗱喳麵) (Cart Noodle)

  11. wow, you take awesome pictures. I’m jealous, quite frankly. I bet I can out eat you though.

    And yes, my blog stats doubled in a week but that could be due to my insane clicking. I know, it frightens me too, this strange and compelling atrraction to TE.

    Woe is me.

    p/s Thanks for being a sweetie. =)

  12. 12 ladyironchef

    hahahah! yours are great too! : )

    Sure can out eat me? lets meet up next time for a meal! hahaha

    You are welcome, see u soon!

  13. 13 Cravings

    I’m interested in heading out to Melvados!
    Btw, for better pictures, you might consider seeing if there is a macro option on your camera so that it can change focus for close-up items.

  14. 14 ladyironchef

    Hello cravings,

    yeah, i also wan to go to melvados soon.

    hmm, there is the marco option, but i not sure how it works? care telling me more? hahaha

  15. Waah your list is very long and impressive! But unfortunately, nothing here overlaps with my own to-eat list!

  16. 16 ladyironchef

    hahaha! this is like yr first time leaving a comment on my blog? lol!

    No worries, we’ll definitely find one place where both of us wants to go : )

  17. 17 Deqiang

    You guys forgot Au Petit Salut @ Dempsey Road. It an authentic French Restaurant.

  18. 18 ladyironchef

    Ahh.. Au Petit Salut is definitely one of the restaurants up there. But its currently out of my league u see. hahahah!

  19. 19 eugene

    wine garage dont miss….

  20. 20 Cravings

    It’s an option for focusing on near objects. It’s usually denoted by a flower in the camera settings whereas panorama shots are denoted by a mountain. As for where it is, it would depend on the camera, but most digitals have this setting.

  21. 21 ladyironchef

    Hello eugene: Of cos, place for wine-lovers : )

    Hello Cravings: send me a email of your contacts to, my dinner gathering coming up soon!

  22. hello! my tummy’s grumbling now! after reading through your food blog! your pics are really really pretty! 😀 and i seriously miss sg food! 😦 i’m a first year undergrad student in london and i’ve been away from home for close to 3 years (boarding school! :() and i miss all the good food back at home! 😀 i’m really glad i “hopped” by your blog and i’m already planning places to go to when i come back in summer! 😀 thanks so much! 😀 ♥

  23. 23 ladyironchef

    Hello Shirin:

    thanks for the compliment on my photos, i’m trying to improve on my photography to bring better pictures to my readers. Ahh.. yeah Singapore got too much good food! hope you enjoy reading my blog, and will drop by often.

    When are you coming back to Singapore? Mayb you can let me know by then, we can organise a food outing. lol!


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