New Harbour Cafe


I have a confession to make, i’ll have to admit New Harbour Cafe wasn’t my first choice for dinner. My initial preference for our gathering was at Tuckshop (also on the same stretch of road at Tanjong Pagar).

Well, the catastrophe occurs like this, i din make any reservation because i wasn’t sure whether my friends wanted to go to Tuckshop, so we just happily set off there. It was a long 15-20 min walk from Outram MRT, please be smart and take the Tanjong Pagar MRT instead. When we finally reach Tuckshop, the whole place was empty, right at 7pm. To our dismay, the waiteress told us the cafe is fully booked at 730pm and there was NO WAY she can make space for us. Ten of us.

Now its my turn to panic, since i was the organiser and i din have a back-up plan because i thought Tuckshop will be available. We walk around (not easy to bring a big group around looking for a dining place), and finally settled on New Harbour Cafe, simply because i have no other alternatives.

At any rate, you might be wondering whether you should continue reading through this entry since i already said New Harbour cafe was because there was no other selection, well you should, don’t write off the place, just yet.

New Harbour Cafe is located at Tanjong Pagar, a whole stretch of road that houses many pubs, & wedding bridal shops. A Cafe & Bar theme concept, New Harbour Cafe was rather empty when we got there, but after we got seated the other diners soon fill up the seats.

One of the minus point of the place was the dim lighting. Definitely not a good place for food bloggers to be, well unless you got superb cameras, which i do not have as you can see from the pictures : (

N.Z Sirloin Steak & Mash ($17.90)

My friend had the N.Z Sirloin Steak well done. Gosh, i was thinking can a well done steak even be eaten? To my suprise, the steak isn’t perfectly well done, there are still blood stains within.

Black Pepper Chicken Chop ($11.90)

Chicken chop with black pepper sauce, accompanied with sides of mushrooms and mashed potatos

Crackling Roast Pork ($14.90)

Roast Pork with crispy crackling served with daily vegetables and mashed potatos. Onion gravy topped with apple sauce. On first look, i though it looks like Roast pork (cos i didn’t see the menu), and to my astonish it really is. Now now, when did you see a cafe serve roast pork as a main before? Mayb i am not yet a experience diner around, but from what i can remember i didn’t see roast pork as main course in all my previous dining experience. 

On first bite, the crackling roast pork was crispy, and the apple sauce was a refreshing change to the usual roast pork taste. The apple sauce provided little touches of tangy sweetness with each cut of roast pork. However, this is only good for people with a sweet tooth, or for sharing because the sweetness of the apple sauce does slightly overwhelm your palette. Nevertheless, it is a pleasant experience because the next time i will be able to say i got see Roast Pork as main course before!

Special Chinese New Year Pork Chop ($15.90)

We intially wanted to order Pork Chop with apple sauce, but the waitress highly recommend this instead. Personally i find the pork chop to be all right, but my friend commented that it was too tough.

Harbour Fish & Chips ($12.90)

New Harbour Cafe has a column under its menu titled black board & daily special. There is something special everyday, roast leg of lamb on Mon, Madras curry being on tue, and on wed we have oxtail stew, there is the Hainanese pork chop available on thu, and of course our harbour fish & chips on the friday that we patronise the place.

The crispy exterior was complemented with the soft and fresh interior of the fish, with a faint flavouring of spices. The chips in new harbour cafe was cut in huge wedges shape which i must compliment was quite good.

Grilled Dory Fish Fillet ($12.90)

We had two of this, and the result was rather pleasing. The Grilled dory fish fillet was fresh, together with a squeeze of the lemon, adds a freshing twist to the fish. The serving was generous as well, with a huge cut of fish fillet which two person can actually share.

Spaghetti Alfredo with ham & mushroom ($11.90)

The spaghetti was a nice change with ham & mushroom. Now here, not that my knowledge fails me again, but i don’t remember seeing ham use frequently together with spaghetti? Or am i wrong here? But the usage of ham and mushroom gives me the feeling of pizza rather than spaghetti.

Harbour 1/2 lb beef burger ($12.90)

One word for the burger, Humongous! The Harbour 1/2 lb beef burger was huge, large, enormous, and whatever word you can think of. The beef patty was definitely bigger than the one i had at Botak Jones. If you were to compare both beef burger, the one at Botak there is cheese added which gives the burger another flavouring, but harbour’s one allows the taste of the beef patty without any disturbance as there is no other extra ingredient.

The beef patty was made like all good beef patty, juicy and tender. And the serving of the burger certainly fills one up. With the harbour fries, its tough to finish up the meal.

Brownie with ice cream ($5.80)

As sweet notes to end off the meal, we had the brownie with ice cream. The brownie alone is $3.80 while an additional scope of ice cream makes it $5.80. We only ordered one dessert because most of us are too full after our main course. The brownie was soft and chocolate-ly.


The total bill (10 person) for 9 mains, 7 drinks and 1 desserts comes up to $158.30, which i must say is rather reasonable. The drinks add up quite a fair bit of damages to the bill, $28 for 7 drinks. Otherwise it will even be cheaper. The one positive thing that i’ll like to highlight will be New Harbour Cafe does not charge any GST & service charge. For a large group of us, no extra charges mean easier calculation of the bill. hahahah! 

However, the negative aspects of the place will be they do not serve ice water. which leads to us ordering drinks. And like what i mentioned earlier, their cafe has poor lighting, not suitable for taking photos. Service wise not much, the staff there are all foreign workers.   


We saw this while we were about to leave, Makansutra salutes them in recognition of their culinary standards & quality. So they can’t be that bad after all, so give them a visit if you are in the area. Even if you don’t like the food, damages will be reduced as their prices are all in the 10s range.

New Harbour Cafe & Bar
114 Tanjong Pagar Road
Tel: 6226 2657

” Nothing beats eating with your mates, nothing! “


17 Responses to “New Harbour Cafe”

  1. 1 belyl

    I been there for lunch a couple of times and I find their food quite good. tks for all the nice pics

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    hahaha! yeah! no problem! thanks for dropping by, i linked u up in my blogroll : ))

  3. 3 vicky

    hahha. not bad indeed! FK do bring us eat all the good food nextime (: (: (:

  4. I’ve never really trusted Makansutra… haha But I have to agree that roast pork served like that is a first. 🙂

  5. 5 *PriSy*

    the grilled dory wasnt actually enough for two!!
    cause the two person who are eating it.. was a damn damn small eater..
    but is nice~!! fresh at least.. that is impt for fish right??
    i love the mash potatoes too~!! yummy.. without my yucky garlics..
    some restuarants have garlic in their mash potatoes~!!

    food is reasonable.. but.. the drink are ex.. and they dun serve ice water..!!

  6. 6 *PriSy*

    oh ya.. i cant rmb how to et there too~!! =x oops..

  7. 7 *PriSy*

    oh ya.. i dun mind the dim lights tho..

    haha.. romantic mahs!!!

  8. 8 ladyironchef

    Hello Vicky: thanks for leaving comment! hahaha. sure sure, we meet up soon : )

    Hello Bobo: Neither do i trust makansutra. lol! ya lor, like never see roast pork serve as main before. or are we sua-ku (frog in the well)? hahahaha

    Hello Prisy: not enough ar? lol! yea fish needs to be fresh. hahaha! ya the drinks are really ex, hate restaurants that don serve ice water force patrons to buy drinks. hahaha

    dim light are romantic, but not good for food bloggers. Lol!

  9. 9 JX

    AHHHhhh… nv put email den have to type again wor….

    FK, you change job become mei shi jia ar… haha… but still can tell you in banking course one, coz you noe how to CHASE payments… haha… he juz chase mi for my comment… although i late comment, dun charge interest hor…

    since the above comments does not have copyrights, your comment should be my comment… haha…

    – price of food reasonable
    – price of drinks too high
    – environment not bad
    – lighting no idea… not a food blogger so i only noe the diff between got light and not light… haha
    – Chicken chop with black pepper sauce, not bad… quite nice actually…

    (ok, destined i cannot be a mei shi jia… coz mei shi jia need to comment alot after eating one bite… and i eat the whole ting and i can only sae 2 words “quite nice” hahahahha)

  10. 10 sp*

    and wow, nice pics u have there. 😀

  11. 11 ladyironchef

    Hello jx, copycat!! hahaha! thanks for leaving yr comment.

    Hello sp: of cos, i got a superb photographer, the pictures confirm nice one : )

  12. Hehe.. Wah so many pple read liao ar.. I like last one sia.

    The fish is really nice. Due to my gastric i can’t eat much so have to share. If not i cfm finish the whole plate clean. So u knw wat tt means. I love the fish! =)

    The brownie i still prefer haagen dazs one. Keke.. Mayb cos this one got too much nuts which i dun really like. =P

    Pai seh i didn’t really read thru the entry cos i’m working now. =x See see i take the risk to leave a comment for u. Wakakaka..

  13. 13 ladyironchef

    hahahaha! ya la, u so long nv come and read. must come often, here got nice food. lol!

    oic, i was wondering whether the food was not to your liking or not, cos u share with pris. sorry i never ask u whether u are feeling well or not.

    wow, take risk to leave comment, i’m touched. hahaha

  14. Haha… nononono.. The fish is definitely nice. Just tt my appetite decreased. I can only eat small meals. Normal meals for u guys is too much for me n i’ll get gastric pain. So no worries. =D

  15. Hi webmaster!

  16. 16 Helena

    Thank you for the wonderful reviews… hopefully the food is still as “good”. my husband wants to go there to eat… so we’re goin on his birthday 🙂

  17. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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