Fish & Co II


This is my second visit to Fish & Co, the first time being at the Glass house, on this occasion (quite some time ago) we went to the branch at Paragon. Fish & Co has grow from strength to strength since it started with their first store at Plaza Singapura in 1998, bring forward ten years and now they have 13 branches island-wide.

I believe most people know more or less about Fish & Co, so i shall skip the usual long-winded introduction and jump right into the food.


Swordfish Collar ($14.90)

Chunky & juicy swordfish collar, fried & served with spicy mango vinaigrette. Given that Fish & Co specialise in fish & seafood, they got quite a list to choose from, so i thought i’ll get something special. Now now, how often do you see restaurants serve swordfish as a main course? Never or seldom right? Thats the idea!

Our first impression of the swordfish when the waitress served us the food, o-boy, the fish is huge! Seriously, there are three collar of swordfish, and its suppose to serve one person? Order this and share with your partner.


Fish & Chips ($13.90)

The Fish & Co classic! Fried, topped with lemon butter sauce & served with chips. The lemon butter sauce is the life & soul of the fish, it added an extra dimension to the fish. But given the price is more or less as the other fishes, i rather try different type of fishes. But my mate wanted the safe option, so they had 2 of this.


Seafood Platter for 1 ($19.90)

Platter of Seasonal fish, calamari & king prawn. Many people should have tried this one before i guess, the standard fish, calamari & the chips. Nothing new there, what i like it the rice from fish & co. 


Seafood Platter for 2 ($35.90)

You must be wondering why did we order the Seafood platter for 1, and then order another seafood platter for 2 right? Pardon me, but i didn’t know what were we thinking, we sort of over-ordered! Hahaha!

Nevertheless, Seafood platter for 2 is definitely more worth it than the platter for 1. Lets do some simple math, platter for 1 cost $19.90, so if you times by 2 it will come up to $40 right? But platter for 2 only cost $35.90, furthermore there is the addition of scallops which the platter for 1 didn’t have. Well, unless you are a small-eater, or eating alone, or refuses to eat scallop, Seafood platter is the choice.

Total bill for the 5 of us adds up to $122.90. Usually Fish & Co is relatively affordable, but i think in this instant we over-ordered, hence the bill seems a little expensive. But i think i won’t be going back to Fish & Co in just a while, having been there twice, what must try have been tried. There are more alternatives out there with the same price range. So don’t expect to see Fish & Co III unless somebody is giving me a treat. Like what i mentioned in the previous visit, there are other options if u really want to eat fish & co type of food, Manhattan Fish Market isn’t too bad, Hooked! provides many variety of fish, New York New York has some nice seafood platters around also, and Greenwood Fish Market is my favourite.

Fish & Co
290 Orchard Road
#B1-35 The Paragon
Tel: 6733 0938 

” I eat faster than i blog “


13 Responses to “Fish & Co II”

  1. Have been wanting to say your pics are getting bigger and better! 🙂 This template also nicer than the previous one.

  2. Nice layout ^_^ b big pics = more temptation from the cuisine ^_^

    PS: can I add your website in my blogroll?

  3. 3 Bobo

    I’ve never been a fan of F&Co… super oily.. eee

  4. 4 omnib|anc

    neither have i.. kinda prefer Manhattan Fish Market.

  5. ya, i agree with Bobo, super oily. but their seafood platter is filling! 🙂

    once i shared a seafood platter with a friend. she got choked by a sotong on her first try. in the end, i had to eat the whole platter myself. 😦

  6. 6 JOjo

    Definitely agree on the part where the serving of the fishcollar is HUGE!
    I couldnt finish it the other time and my makan kaki with me had to force to finish the food when he was already full. *i dun encourage wastage of food* He was filled to the max!

  7. 7 belyl

    the swordfish collar looks really delicious.. and price seems reasonable… gonna try that the next time there 🙂

  8. 8 ladyironchef

    Hello Camemberu: Yeah, i reckon i need to improve on my writing & my photos so as not to disappoint the growing number of visitors to my site. lol! Ya, the previous template was there quite a while because didn’t have time to change it you see : )

    Hello Paulkami: thanks pls link me on your blogroll, i’ve linked you up already!

    Hello Bobo: I am also not a fan of fish & co, having been there twice already, i don’t think i’ll be going back soon. I believe there are more alternatives in the same price range. hahaha!

    Hello ommiblanc: you finally come and leave a comment!! haha! yeah, manhattan is all right i guess, about the same league as fish & co, which means i won’t keep on going back as the food they serve are rather similar in nature.

    Hello Jaime: Ya, fried food are oily i guess, and i do agree their servings are always very filling. hahaha!

    Hello Jojo: Yep, the swordfish collar is freaking huge, i cant finish it on my own too, had to depend on my mates to help out. lol!

    Hello Belyl: Ya, if u haven try swordfish before, i guess this one is pretty decent given the price.

    To all friends: Thank you for all the comments, i hope you all have enjoyed reading my blog, there’s something big and new coming up at ladyironchef, but i’ll have to keep it a secret for now, so stay tune for more and pls leave more comments : )

  9. Definitely affordable.. despite.. over ordering. We donch get such good food here. The man, the brat and i eat very little.. yet.. a sunday outing at boston pizza with 2 main dishes.. and a kid’s meal. .and a drink. .cost us about $50 canadian.

  10. 10 ladyironchef

    Hello Mama Bok: yeah, affordable but then i won’t be going back, eat two times already. lol! ahh.. sounds expensive given the serving of the food. haha

  11. hi there! here i am. ( ;

    i’ve been to the Fish & Co. at Jurong Point. i had the seafood platter for 1, and trust me i couldn’t finish it at all. the calamari are soft, very hard to find such soft clamari outside. however, the prawn meats stick to the shell, so hard to eat. i don’t like it at all. the fries are nice, thick and not very salty. i don’t remember how the rice tasted like, but i knew i left a big portion of it unfinished, how sinful to waste food.. but i was really filled to the brim.

    have you tried their salad? i tried the Pasta & Shrimp Salad – Shrimps & chilled spaghetti in sesame mayonnaise. but i seriously don’t like the sauce that goes with the salad. it tasted strange. really strange. but the prawns served with the salad were without shells and so much better than the grilled ones in seafood platter. the prawns are fat and “crunchy”.

    as i am someone who likes vege, i thought it would be good if the main dishes were served with a little greens.

    oh. and i had cauppucino the other time, but it tasted not good at all. more like a normal brewed coffee than cauppucino to me.

    anyway, i love your food blog. it just gets my must-go-resaturants/cafes/bistros list longer, which is really great. i thought the food i ate every day is really boring, same old stuff, i thought western food are just like that – pastas and more chops/cutlets/grilled meats. but, you opened my eyes – they are so many styles of cooking and yummy food around us, even in this little island. continue with your updates! i love food! ( :

    and thanks so much for this thoughtful blog which even comes with dining etiquette. sweet!

  12. 12 ladyironchef

    Hello Shayna: thanks for leaving a long comment, really appreatiate it!

    Yeah, the servings at Fish & Co are huge!! Same, i always cant finish it also, so don’t feel sinful! hahah! I didn’t have their salad before, and yeah i totally agree with you on that point, it’ll be good if the dishes come with some vegetables.

    Thanks for supporting my food blog, at least i know my journey of the food adventures that i went to, are spread to my readers! hahaha! actually it’s just my excuse for going to eat good food. lol! Drop by often yeah! i got a lot reviews haven got the time to write them yet, will be posting soon.

    Oh yah, did you see my post on my dinner gathering? I will be organsing one soon, it’ll be great if you can join us!


  13. Hopefully we can find more all around the subsequent handful of weeks.

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