Seasons Reasons



With Seasons Reasons, the reasons is every seasons! With a passion for a different dining experience, Seasons Reasons is designed based on a quest of the 4 seasons – Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring.

Well, I am back at Raffles City again, just after two weeks since last visiting OChaCha, but then i can’t help it, nowadays there are simply too much to eat at Raffles City! So don’t be surprise if there are more new posts coming up.


Seasons Reasons is a small restaurant among the many new restaurants at Raffles City basement, but it stood out for its simple and comfortable setting. The menu is simple, with the usual starters, salad, soup, sandwiches, and main course. No doubt there are not much variety under each category, but i’ll say its more than enough for the average diners.


Appetizers start at $8.50 for their “hot pick” Golden potato prawn, to $13.80 for their seafood combo. Prices for the main course are pretty reasonable too, ranging from $11 to $20. But they are quite short on their spaghetti selections though, only two types are available. And i lamented the fact that they didn’t have much desserts to choose from.


Like mentioned above, the settings for the restaurant is simple and elegant, and there are also the cozy corner seats for diners who will like to enjoy some privacy.


My buddy and I didn’t have much trouble choosing what we want for lunch, after going through the simple menu once, we decided on Fish & chips, and lamb chop. We didn’t have any starters or soup as it was a simple lunch for us.


Fish & Chips ($14.80)

Cod fish tempura and wedges served with lemongrass chili. To be honest, my first impression of the dish, it looks like just any other ordinary Fish & chips at other restaurants. But, my buddy commented that the fish was crispy on the outside, and where some other restaurants fish might get too dry, the one here is just nice. The interior of the fish was soft and not too dry.

Another point to note will be most places served their fish & chips with just tartar sauce, but Seasons Reasons had the tartar sauce, and also lemongrass chili which i find rather special.


Lamb Chop ($19.80)

Baby rack of lamb char-grilled to medium well served with a glazed of honey mustard and fork mashed potato. The lamb chop at $19.80, is the most expensive dish served on the menu. And it did not disappoint, with a generous serving of 4 lamb racks, i believe it will fill most people.

The honey mustard sauce adds flavour to the grilled lamb chop, the meat is slightly tough, you’ll need some effort in biting and chewing the meat. But i do find the price of the lamb chop slightly steep, and most probably won’t order it again.

Total Bill was $40.72 for 2 person, not really expensive given we are dining in a restaurant. If you are looking for a simple dining place while you are at Raffles City, look no further than Seasons Reasons. The restaurant do put in effort in the food presentation, no doubt taste is the vital factor, but one tastebud will definitely open up if the food is presented nicely.

With so many restaurants at Raffles City, i don’t think i will be visiting again any sooner, unless they got new menu or promotions. I won’t say the food is excellent, but i’ll say its worth a try if you haven’t been there before.

Seasons Reasons
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-72
Tel: 6100 0122

” For everything, there is a Reason “


7 Responses to “Seasons Reasons”

  1. 1 omnib|anc


  2. 2 Jojo

    Definitely looks good~

  3. 3 vam

    okie.. i seldom visit so i shud leave a longer comment for u yeah.. before u head over my side to ‘complain’ again.. =p~

    e fish n chips nt tt wow sia..

    u shud have tried tt seafood pasta thingy. cant rem e name. tts e best dish ive had over there.

    n e salad on the side of its main dish kinda remind me of the lil salad i had @ pasta de waraku. dun tink they serving it anymore. from prev visit exp..

    n did u try its cake in a cup or smth? think is brownie or wat.. yumzzzz~~

  4. 4 yx

    *yum yum* slurpssss

    i came!


  5. 5 ladyironchef

    Hello Omniblanc: thanks for dropping by : )

    Hello Jojo: Yeah, not too bad i guess

    Hello vam: in that case u shld drop by often! hahaha! ya the fish & chips was quite ordinary. nope, never tried any desserts, nice ar?

    Hello yx: Yeah, u were here! lol!

  6. 6 vam

    nice. cake in the cup. shud be e name of it. n their lil lil cakes all so cute….

    haha. u shud drop by mine more often too. thou i seldom blog nowadays.. =p~

  7. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is a lot more than I expected when I found a link on Delicious telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.

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