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Hotpot Culture at Marina Square is a steamboat restaurant (just in case you can’t tell from the name). Although its a steamboat restaurant, there are many variety of cooked food to choose from the menu, in contrast, i thought the steamboat selection seems less when compared to the cooked food variety. The food for the steamboat wasn’t that […]

Fortunate Xin Fu Yum Cha Restaurant should be quite a familar name with most people, largely due to their heavily advertisements on TV. The other being Yum Cha restaurant which also did a lot of TV advertisements. Their main branch is located at Toa Payoh, with a second added at Intenational Building, Orchard Road (beside Lido […]

What can sick people eat? Porridge, porridge and more porridge. Where are the steaks, the seafood, the ice creams, the cakes ?!?! Get well soon : )

Red Star III


The last time i went to Red Star was a couple of months ago, and then didn’t have much pictures to show of due to the poor lighting. But today, i had a good seat with good lighting, so ladyironchef proudly presents the Dim-sum from Red Star. Taa-daa!! Siew Mai Well well, Siew Mai seems […]

Seafood Park


A simple family affair at Sunset way, not the many newly opened restaurants there, but beside there, a coffee shop “zi-char” store. Normal folks like us can’t be eating in restaurants and cafe everyday can we? Fishhead Steamboat ($20) Well, this is one of their speciality i guess. Fishhead steamboat. The fish was all right, but i was surprised […]