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Botak Jones II


Botak Jones by now if you haven heard of it before, then are u REALLY living in Singapore? Even if you never go to the place before, but at the very least must have know the existance of this Ang Moh selling western ‘restaurant’ food in our very own local-coffeeshop. Quality-yet-cheap western meals at coffee […]

What can sick people eat? Porridge, porridge and more porridge. Where are the steaks, the seafood, the ice creams, the cakes ?!?! Get well soon : )

  Claypot rice New Lucky Claypot rice is located at Clementi, a few blocks from Botak Jones (can’t remember the block of the coffee shop). This stall always have a long Q for their claypot rice, almost all or more than half of the diners to this coffee shop is for the claypot rice. So […]

Tiong Bahru Lor Mee ($2.50) Met up with Val, Serene, vyonne, lyn for lunch, went to Tiong Bahru market. Price: $2, $2.5, $3 Verdict: Taste not bad, although the serving was a tad small Serene got the famous Tiong Bahru Chee Kwah. I think got three stores claim that they are the original one, no […]