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The name Tuck Shop rings a bell in your mind doesn’t it? To many of us it is the carefree times during our primary school time, where we run to the tuckshop for our recess break. Located at the alley of Tanjong Pagar Road (5min walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT), Tuckshop is actually a combination of a […]



Haato is a feeling, you don’t give or receive haato. You just feel it. It comes to you so long you open your heart Haato celebrates the Art of Giving from the heart … to the heart you won’t See it, Smell it, Touch it, but you can Feel it, its always around you… Every […]

The Daily Scoop


Tucked in a remote place in Clementi Arcade, beside the getting-popular Sunset way is The Daily Scoop. Local ice-cream cafe has been on the rise, think Island Creamery, ice cream chef, haato ice cream gallary, scoopz and a few others.   While there is the plain normal ice cream like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookie & cream etc, […]