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I have move to Please relinked me, re-bookmark me and remember my new place! Time flies, it has been a year already since ladyironchef (LIC) was started. With each post published, and each month flying by, the counter has jump twelve times, and LIC reach its first Anniversary! Contrary to what many readers or […]

Chapter 1 My Prologue for Ladyironchef (LIC) has been getting quite good response, so let the first of many chapters in LIC monthly gathering begin! It is quite a task organising a gathering because of various reasons. The budget. Everybody have different budget, so its not easy to choose a place which everyone is comfortable to, so […]

Prologue  I have been thinking for a while now, there is the HGW makan session, Yebber monthly gathering, and fatpig’s monthly dinner, how can ladyironchef (LIC) not have one? This post is the prologue to LIC monthly dinner, “test-water” see anyone interested to join my monthly dinner, if the response is good n’uff, then i’ll […]

Birthday Feb 01


1st Feb was the birthday of my brother John, and also my Gui-jie! hahaha. was not able to post this as i was in camp on that day, so i’ll like to wish both of them again a happy birthday! Ah, yes this mango cake is from Lavender cakes Malaysia. My dad brought it : ) […]

 Free Space to Three Gigabytes  ” Much of the work we do at Automattic is behind the scenes, infrastructure you’ll (hopefully) never notice or see, but we’re always thinking about how the improvements we make to the foundation of the site will allow us to build more interesting things on top of it.  Today, one […]