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Botak Jones II


Botak Jones by now if you haven heard of it before, then are u REALLY living in Singapore? Even if you never go to the place before, but at the very least must have know the existance of this Ang Moh selling western ‘restaurant’ food in our very own local-coffeeshop. Quality-yet-cheap western meals at coffee […]

Alif Prata


To relieve the pain of not able to eat good food, lets us see the yummy yummy eaten during last weekend. Early in the morning (well not really early), meet up with sp, wh, and hy for breakfast. Prata’s at Alif Restaurant, a “prominent” coffee shop selling pratas at Bukit Gombak. I’m sure you have seen […]

What can sick people eat? Porridge, porridge and more porridge. Where are the steaks, the seafood, the ice creams, the cakes ?!?! Get well soon : )

The Daily Scoop


Tucked in a remote place in Clementi Arcade, beside the getting-popular Sunset way is The Daily Scoop. Local ice-cream cafe has been on the rise, think Island Creamery, ice cream chef, haato ice cream gallary, scoopz and a few others.   While there is the plain normal ice cream like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookie & cream etc, […]

Seafood Park


A simple family affair at Sunset way, not the many newly opened restaurants there, but beside there, a coffee shop “zi-char” store. Normal folks like us can’t be eating in restaurants and cafe everyday can we? Fishhead Steamboat ($20) Well, this is one of their speciality i guess. Fishhead steamboat. The fish was all right, but i was surprised […]