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Taiwan: Finale


After ending our tour, we went back to Paradise hotel, the hotel in Xi Men Ting where we stayed the previous night. My Ah Gu is coming to meet us, his girlfriend is Taiwanese living in Dan Shui, and he fly to Taiwan the previous night. They came to the hotel to find us, and […]

Lunch is @ Dian Shui Lou 点水楼, i believe the restaurant is rather popular, and similar in concept to Singapore Din Tai Feng. Various celebrities have visited the shop before, most notably Liu Yifei and Huang Xiaoming from ”The return of Condor heros.” The highlight for the place is its famous Xiaolongbao. So lets look at the various variety […]

The morning is always good, especially so if you wake up in 5 Star Grand Hyatt hotel. Breakfast is no exception, only the best is served. I think the breakfast buffet is SGD$35-40 if i didn’t remember wrongly. Nice ambience, nice food, to the extent i don’t want to leave : ) They have this counter […]

We arrived at Grand Hyatt around 4pm? It simply blew me away. Five star hotels are indeed in a different league. Easily put, Grand Hyatt is the BEST hotel in our 8 days Taiwan trip, the services, the rooms, the prestige. It won hands-down. After settling down and visiting the hotel, we went out for […]

Last night we slept in a lousy hotel called Paradise hotel (not paradise at all), but the location is good, its located in West street, or more famously known as 西门町. We didn’t visit the area though, partly because it was too late and partly because i was engrossed in watching Taiwan TV. No worries, tonight […]