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The name Tuck Shop rings a bell in your mind doesn’t it? To many of us it is the carefree times during our primary school time, where we run to the tuckshop for our recess break. Located at the alley of Tanjong Pagar Road (5min walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT), Tuckshop is actually a combination of a […]

O Cha Cha


OChaCha, the matcha latte people At OChaCha, they specialise in matcha, the premium green tea served in traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. O-Cha means green tea in Japanese and Cha is tea in Chinese, as tea orginates from the chinese. Hence OChaCha is the coming together of different cultures & they hope that there will be […]

Bread Pig II


The second experiment of Bread Pig, with Focaccia as the bread, seafood spread Lots of mayo to go The taste i though was rather good, but then i could be bias. 老王卖瓜自卖自夸 : ) Saladé Please leave comments people : ) ” The Bread Pig journeys continue… “

Bread Pig


Got the Philips Bread Toaster today to kickstart my Bread Pig project. Still getting the feel of using it : ) You are witnessing the first version of Bread Pig sandwich in history. Ham & Cheese sandwich. The fancy name will come later Egg Mayo with Cucumber Tuna with egg Sandwich Now compare it with […]