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Newly updates


To all readers of ladyironchef I have updated ” The list that everybody wants to go “, and also included the links to the posts i made on the places i had been to. Please click on the links to view the post, hopefully it’ll make it easier for you search my older posts. Just […]

Lo-&-Behold! Taa-ddaa! Ladyironchef’s new list for the week, from now onwards, this list will be updated frequently, you can find the link by looking at the right side, the third box under “Travel & Eat“. Kindly click on that link next time, and you will see my latest updated list If you are interested to go […]

Pineapple Tarts


Munching Pineapple tarts and thinking of inspiration for my foodie experience. Its taking longer & longer to write each review, 2 hour pass and i am still here writing the review for Al Dente Pronto. All this results in a stacking up of the gastronomic experiences that i went to but did not have the luxary of time […]

The Sick Chef


Ladyironchef is sick. Oh no! but everyone will gets sick : ( A run-away nose, a throbbing esophagus (pharyngitis), & lose the ability to speak So during this few days, no more good food, you can’t possibility eat steak or fried stuff while you are unwell right? Meanwhile, i got this list of the places to go when i’m better, anybody wants […]