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Four Leaves, one of the Main Bakeries in Singapore, alongside BreadTalk, Bengawan Solo (not really a bakery though). But my favourite will clearly be Four Leaves. I have supported their bread for a long long time already, and i like their cheese and ham bread. Despite being a supporter, but i think the different type of bread that i tried from Four leaves can be count using one hand five fingers? And all that is going to change, with the Mini World promotion, where great taste comes in small bites

With everything coming in Mini-size, cars, cards, cakes, tarts, ice creams and the list goes on and on. It will be sooner and later before Mini bread come into place (why didn’t i spot the trend?). Hahahah! And Four Leaves launch their mini world promotion, coming out mini breads with a total of 14 flavours. One mini bread cost $0.65, three for $1.80, and 5 for $2.80. If you do your maths, obviously buying more will be cheaper, but not much really.


I thought it was rather creative of Four Leaves to have this map in their shop telling the story of Bread. I’ll have done that too. Not that i am creative, but its a good idea : )


I had three mini bread! Starting from the left one. I can’t remember what the name is, but the appearance certainly looks like a chocolate eclair. The inside is no cream, make of soft soft bread, this is my fav! The top one on the right is good also, almond nuts on the top, with thin layer of chocolate in the middle of the bread, and again, the bread taste suprisingly soft

Have you realise what this new promotions mean? Lets see the before and after effect. Before, one bun cost a dollar plus, buying 5 different type of buns will cut you back by at least $7-8. After, 5 mini buns for $2.80. Ta-ddaa!! Before, $2.80 at most can get you two bun, mayb three, now u can get five. Not too bad huh?

Obviously the main draw is for customers to try more different type of Bread. Without this promotions, we usually wont buy the new flavour of Bread unless we are feeling adventureous, or we really like the flavour right. But with the promotion, Four Leave can test-out new flavours, which can only be good news for you and me.

And its not just that, i believe there will be a BIG market demand for the mini buns simply because they are cute. And its a novelty to customers. Won’t you be tempted to buy them? With the price its quite reasonable. But don’t expect it to be filling, because mini means really small. One bite can finish the bread off. So buy it for fun, or light snack!

Hopefully Four Leave will come out with more variety of Mini Buns, so that we can try many many other flavours!

Four Leaves
Compass Point #B1-41
Tel: 63159369

” Mini in size, Great in taste “


15 Responses to “Four Leaves”

  1. i for one.. would love the mini in size.. 😉 coz’ i wanna try everything.. 😉

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    hahaha! try em’!

  3. 3 qiugui

    haahaaa…i love the mini bread…tried everything le!!
    errrmmm..don’t try the bread with salty cheese or something along this is…u know what i mean la..

  4. 4 ladyironchef

    hahaha! right, that one not nice ar?

    u try everything le?? gosh, i am so far behind. hahah

  5. there was once i got bored and decided to blog about these cuties…it became a poem instead..haha!

    i love the tuna bun. simple and flavourful…

    happy chinese new year!

  6. 6 ladyironchef

    hahaha! where is your post? can i see?

    yep, i also love tuna bun. hahah

    happy chinese new year to u too : )

  7. i love their tune bun too! ^5

  8. Buy 3 where got enough? Should get 5 or 10 mah! Cheaper and you get to try all the flavors! Muahahaha! I’m a fan too! But too much bread’s not good for me. It’s fattening wor. Haha!

  9. yay! we’re all lovers of mini breads. 🙂

    they’re just too cute – arent they?

  10. oh i love these mini breads 🙂 YAY we’re all fans!! haha

  11. 12 ladyironchef

    Hello Jaime: Yea, tune bun are always very nice!

    Hello Claudia: hahaha, that time i one person ma, buy 5 or 10 a bit too much? Lol! cheaper by a tiny bit la. hahahah

    Hello Nic: Thanks for the link! Nice!

    Hello Kate: Cheers, all of us love em’

  12. i thought those mini buns are out long ago le? or are those even more mini then those i saw last time? :p

    my aunt works in four leaves.. amd sometimes we get leftovers from her! 😀

  13. 14 ladyironchef

    hahaha! i sua ku & slow ma, now den find out abt the mini buns! Lol!

    they are as mini as u got them last time : )

    woo.. good man, leftovers are still buns which i love. hahahah

  14. 15 Lily

    hey can check out pretty good eclair

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