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The last day


The last day before you-know-what. Got a suprise the previous day, HungryGoWhere (HGW) founder email and told me that i am the weekly $100 winner for writing reviews on their site. So i went to United Square at Novena to meet them to collect my money. 100 Bucks!! Haha. Lets do a simple comparison between Blurbme and […]

Dunkin Donuts


Refering back to my earlier post on Donuts, i had said then that don’t eat donuts cos its not good for health. But i still cant stop myself from buying Dunkin Donuts, its so famous, and unlike the ones at Vivocity & Raffles City, Dunkin Donut at KL no Q!! So we brought 5 and […]



11th June 2007 Went to Genting for my last holiday before going to the island. We went to larkin bus terminal to buy bus ticket to KL, wanted to get Konsortium Express (the best bus among so many going to KL), but the timing was one hour later at 11am and we do not wanted to […]

  Wake up early early on a Sunday Morning to have breakfast with Mister Ang and Mister Ong. Cos mister ang say he long time never wake up early to have breakfast liao, and also i seldom got wake up early to have breakfast with mates one. So here we go, at first wanted to have dim-sum, […]

4rd June 2007 We woke up very early today, 530am because the flight is 10am, we need to check in 2 hrs ahead at 8am, and the journey to airport is 1 half hours. After the last breakfast in Shanghai, we board the bus for the last time and head to Pu Dong airport. It was quite early […]