Japanese Dining Sun


Japanese Dining Sun at Chijmes, went there last night with zh, tay, karen to celebrate zh birthday. At chijmes, from the outside u cant tell how the restaurants looked like, but once we stepped into Dining sun, they had very nice decor, the kitchen is a open-concept where u can see the chef cook. Actually wanted to go to Sun with moon at Wheelock, but the reservation there is full. I made a reservation specially requesting good seats, in the end got a seat in the corner that was uncomfortable with the spot light. O well


I had Salmon Steak ($16.80), the dish is done quite nicely, but then i had tried better ones elsewhere. 3 out of 5

I also had the garlic rice ($5.50) to go along, its nice, quite similar to fried rice but nicer. 4.5 out of 5


Zh had the Unagi Kabayaki ($15.50) which is eel, i had a taste of it and it tasted great, at least better than my salmon. But then i think if u just ordered the eel, u wont be full. So she also had the garlic rice to go along. 4 out of 5


Karen had Amaebi & Zuwaigani Don ($19.50) which is actually sweet prawn & pacifice snow crab. The appearance tell it all, need i say more? 4 out of 5


 Tay had the Yakiniku Kameneshi ($14.80) which is stir-fried beef topped with raw egg, and another dish called Tontoro Yaki ($12.80) which is pork shown in the picture above. We found the stir-fried beef quite delicious, it is fried beef and egg on top of rice, den it is cooked in a wooden pot or some sort.


The Tontoro Yaki (pork) is also very nice, the meat is quite tender, and is very diff from the normal pork we eat.

Both 4.5 out of 5


Desserts!! The fame tofu cheesecake ($5) of Dining sun. Its very nice, a must try if you go dining sun. Pity its too small. No words to describe, just try it. 5 out of 5


Uji Macha Min Parfait ($6.50) or rather green tea ice cream. Lol. At the price i find it a bit ex, you can always get better one at a cheaper price at island creamy or the daily scoop. 3 out of 5

Thats the end of all the dishes folks! The total bill comes up to $132.75 for 4 person. I think its quite reasonable consider the fact that it is fine dining in a posh restaurant. But i find the fact that they charge us 10% service charge when there is really not much service provided. I got a lousy seat, a bit hard to get the waitress attention, takes a while for the bill to come.

BUT hold on a sec, you MUST go and try Dining sun at least once. The food is great, the decor is pretty, and the price is reasonable. Go on, try it tomorrow or the next weekend. I am gonna try Sun with moon (Dining sun sister restaurant) probably next week for its set meal lunch, heard that its very affordable and nice. So stay tune for my Sun with moon blurb soon. As for now, i am going to Jumbo for dinner later, so remember to come back later for my jumbo blurb

Check out my Sun with Moon @ Wheelock, and Sun with Moon @ Central

Overall 4.5 out of 5

#02-01, CHIJMES
30 Victoria Street, 187996
Tel: 63363166  

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  1. 1 nachomania

    Yes the Tofu Cheesecake at Sun is good. I also tried a Tofu cheesecake which my friend bought for a surprise celebration. My friend got me the SweetHeart Tofu Cheesecake which is so lovely as they have generous heart shape strawberries. The website is http://www.BakinCow.com.

  1. 1 Recipes » Japanese Dining Sun Bread Pig

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