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Following the scenaries at Yeliu, it is about 5pm when we start to literally head up to Yangmingshan 杨明山, its a high mountain after all. By now everyone is feeling sweaty from the walk at Yeliu, a hot spring bath is just needly on time. The hotspring we are going to is a 5star hot […]

From our last stop at the ling zhi shop, we’re on the way back to Taipei, but before that, we go to a place called Ye liu which is by the sea with a magnificent view of the rock formation formed over many many years. The entrance fee was 209 TWD, which comes to about […]

Early in the morning after having breakfast in the hotel, we proceed on to our next destination. The journey took a while, we pass by Miaoli to Xinzhu, stopped at a rest point before we arrived at Ying Ge Pottery. There, we see many diff type of pottery, but its really boring stuff. Yawn! After which, we went […]

Ah-ha! The much-anticipated part of Taiwan, the night market 夜市! You can’t say you have been to Taiwan if you haven’t been to their 夜市 can you? Hahaha! We are at Fengjia 夜市 now, the night market is just beside Fengjia University, so lots of uni-students around. Lets go through the food shan’t we? First […]



“From the imaginations of best-selling author Neil Gamen and director Matthew Vaughn comes “Stardust”, the enchanting tale of a fallen star who crashes into a magical kingdom – and turns out to be no ordinary meterorite at all, but a beautiful imperiled woman… ” Are we human because we graze at stars, or we graze at stars […]