LIC Monthly Dinner Prologue



I have been thinking for a while now, there is the HGW makan session, Yebber monthly gathering, and fatpig’s monthly dinner, how can ladyironchef (LIC) not have one?

This post is the prologue to LIC monthly dinner, “test-water” see anyone interested to join my monthly dinner, if the response is good n’uff, then i’ll organise one soon. The place can be any interesting restaurants or cafe, not necessary those expensive one, i believe in cheap and good food : )

Please let me know if you’re interested, whether we know each other or not, or whether you are a food blogger or not, it all doesn’t matter, because food brings people together! Feel free to give me suggestions for places where we could go, and the price range you’re comfortable with. Meanwhile, take a look at the list i have compile so far. And remember, anyone is welcome to join!

So what are you waiting for? Drop me a comment now! or you can send me a email about your contacts (msn) to (this is not my msn)

Warm regards,



13 Responses to “LIC Monthly Dinner Prologue”

  1. 1 Jojo

    Haha, enthu iron chef indeed!~
    Count me in. I will try my best to attend if my schedule isn’t that tight ie: exam etc la =)

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    Hello Jo: thanks for being the first one to say you are in. i was worried when i post this invitation, no one will reply me. lol! will let u know when i organised one : )

  3. wah! You also starting monthly dinner? Every month so many dinners to attend wor! haha… if its cheap/50% discount type, count me in man! haha! Hmm… or would you like to organise for Yebber too? 😛

    Good luck!

  4. 4 ladyironchef

    hahaha! don’t worry, my monthly dinner won’t be in fatpig range, mine is mostly looking at small and interesting restaurants & cafes. hahaha!

    Yebber you are the boss! but i don’t mind organise too. lol!

  5. count mi in! 😀

  6. 6 ladyironchef

    Hello Jaime: Sure thing! thanks!

  7. 7 Pork Chop

    Hi LIC

    Please count me in!


  8. 8 ladyironchef

    Hello Pork Chop, thanks for your interest! mayb u wan to send me your msn contact to so that i can contact you when i’m organise the coming up dinner?

    the is not my msn by the way, so pls don’t add me there. its just my email contact for this blog : )

    People people, if u are interested, do send me a email of your contact, its easier for me to contact u when i’m organising the dinner yea? thanks!

  9. Wow thanks for the invite! It really depends on the time because I’m still schooling and I can’t be out on weekdays and at night (hint hint!) But thanks for the offer! I’ll join if I think I can make it (:

  10. boo. pinches your cute cheek. Sure thing bradboy. As long as it’s not in the day time (coz you know how sloths only wake up after 5 and all), and not in some ulu, Godforsaken spot like Tuas, West Coast, Jurong or anything out of the Eastern/Town area, I’ll be there. =p You know how to reach me. 😉

  11. 11 ladyironchef

    Hello Xin Yan: No problem! yeah sure will let u know!

    Hello fennielyn: Ha, night person aren’t you? its rather hard to define ulu u know? lol! mind sending me a email of yr contacts,

  12. 12 Cravings

    Any decisions yet for where this is taking place?

  13. 13 ladyironchef

    Yeah, send me a email of your contacts so that i can contact u directly. details will be out soon, the event is probably next week or the following week : )

    All interested parties please send email to


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