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Al Dente Pronto


Have you ever go into a Italiano restaurant, and all of a sudden feel ordering ALL the food available on the menu? All you look is at the food, without even giving the price tag a glance? Feeling excited, we might as well tell the waiter to serve EVERY dish they have on the menu!   That’s precisely what happen to us when we […]

Pineapple Tarts


Munching Pineapple tarts and thinking of inspiration for my foodie experience. Its taking longer & longer to write each review, 2 hour pass and i am still here writing the review for Al Dente Pronto. All this results in a stacking up of the gastronomic experiences that i went to but did not have the luxary of time […]

Botak Jones II


Botak Jones by now if you haven heard of it before, then are u REALLY living in Singapore? Even if you never go to the place before, but at the very least must have know the existance of this Ang Moh selling western ‘restaurant’ food in our very own local-coffeeshop. Quality-yet-cheap western meals at coffee […]

Secret Recipe’s cakes. I told you i will be back during my first visit didn’t i? Here i am, with *sp, and mr ang as my guest for this cake-tasting event. LOL. Actually its more of me forcing em’ to Secret Recipe to satisfy my cravings for cakes. Sinful, guilty as charged. If you cant beat them, […]

Alif Prata


To relieve the pain of not able to eat good food, lets us see the yummy yummy eaten during last weekend. Early in the morning (well not really early), meet up with sp, wh, and hy for breakfast. Prata’s at Alif Restaurant, a “prominent” coffee shop selling pratas at Bukit Gombak. I’m sure you have seen […]