Hotpot Culture at Marina Square is a steamboat restaurant (just in case you can’t tell from the name). Although its a steamboat restaurant, there are many variety of cooked food to choose from the menu, in contrast, i thought the steamboat selection seems less when compared to the cooked food variety.

The food for the steamboat wasn’t that great, and the usual suspects for steamboat are there. While for the cook food selection, order your picks with the staff, and they will serve it to you warmly cooked. Everybody gets a mini-pot for their steamboat, and we hit a problem here. The thing that they used for the fire for the hot, when it is lit-up, it created a funny sensation in the eye, which i’ll say isn’t pleasant at all.  


Yebber’s gathering at Hotpot was during the last day of Chinese New Year, which was like two months ago? I’m very sorry for this very late post, didn’t have the time to blog, and i’m eating way faster than the rate i’m blogging. Thus the delay, anyway i finally make time for this post because i wanna get it up before i make my next post on Yebber’s 1st Anniversary Party @ Mint Museum. Do watch out for that next post!

I didn’t have much photos to show, mainly because i was hoping to get some photos from the rest using their powerful DSLR, but in the end i decided to take some quick shots, and didn’t really get much nice shots.


Fried Garlic Chicken

I like this one! It taste quite like “rojak”, except it got chicken instead of “you tiao”!


Sweet Sour Fish

The Sweet Sour Fish here is not bad too. Being a huge fan of sweet sour food, think sweet sour pork, fish, chicken, i’m always on a lookout for good sweet sour food.


Chili Squid

The Chili Squid is really spicy! Hot hot hot!


Yu Sheng

At the end, we had Yu Sheng, it was fun having yu sheng with the yebbers!

One person at Hotpot Culture cost $19.80 (i think), with one person having mini-pot which entitles unlimited serving on the steamboat and cook food selection. And oh ya, they also have free-flow ice cream, and guess what? Chocolate Fondue!! Yeah, thats quite generous right? We had fruits to go along with the fondue, sweet! But one thing i didn’t like was one person can only have one free-drink, and after that you need to pay $2 for free-flow of drinks.

I’m not sure whether i’ll be back at Hotpot Culture again, partly because i’m not really a steamboat person, and also i’ll like to try more of other place. So your call, if you think they are worth a try, you can always find them at;

Hotpot Culture
Marina Square #02-138D Centre Stage
Tel: 6333 9844

” Hotpot, one pot many cultures “


6 Responses to “Hotpot”

  1. Is this the restaurant owned by a foodie from Makansutra before.. ?? TTC??

  2. 2 Sam

    Hi ladyironchef! thanks alot for the invitation to the food gathering. Unfortunely, I’ll only be back in Sg in June so sorry I can’t make it 😦 I’d love to tho, if there’s any in June-july let me know!

  3. haha. i was scrolling through and i was like.. yum.. chinese food. then my eyes caught the words ‘chocolate fondue’ haha. you really know how to make a girl hungry!!

  4. 4 ladyironchef

    Hello Mama Bok: I’m not too sure whether its own by a foodie from Makansutra. hahah

    Hello Sam: No problem, june or july confirm will have one, will let you know again! Hope to see you next time : )

    Hello Shirin: Yeah, chocolate fondue is the best! hahahah

  5. 5 Karen

    Hi ironladychef,

    I’ve been to hotpot culture quite a few times for lunch, reason being they have this $6.90+++ porridge buffet. The spread is quite the typical type of teochew porridge with dishes (think there’s more than 20 dishes) but what my colleagues and I liked is the sweet potato porridge, fried fish, braised peanuts and the pork belly with the semi-circle shaped pao! simple dishes but it’s shiokadoo when you just pay an amount and eat all you want there.. the price includes desserts but not drinks though.. do try it when you can!

  6. 6 ladyironchef

    Hello Karen,

    i shifted to a new domain, please read my reply here


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