Red Star (Revisit)


Went back to Spoon for lunch, Mingyou treat! Cheers! We went to Red star (yes, last fri just went, but last fri we pay ourselves, today free). Anyway, i got bring along my ixus, so below are the pictures (not very clear due to Red Star poor lighting, or mayb my camera skills not up to grade yet). I am not going to show all due to space constraint, i reaching 98% of the space wordpress give, looks like have to start to delete some of the older post pictures : (

Pi Pa Duck was good, but at $20 for half, it was too little and abit ex.

Egg tarts! My fav, the very best from Red Star .

Glutinous rice in lotnus leaf

Chee Chong Fun

We also had siew mai, har gau, carrot cake, fried prawn, feng zuo, yong tao fu chili, steam pork ribs, desserts we had Mango pudding and Gui lin gao. Total bill was actually less than last week, this time ten people onli $145 compared to last week $161. Last week we had 41 plates of dim sum, today only 31 plates. Anyway, thanks Mingyou! (if you are reading)

Service rating 

#07-2354 Chin Swee Road, 160054
Tel: 65325266/ 65325103  

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6 Responses to “Red Star (Revisit)”

  1. Should have boosted the contrast of the pictures. Next time i show you how to do it in Photoshop

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    Alamak, i go spoon 2 mths nv learn anything from the designer! lol

    Eh, but i no photoshop leh, got other software to use or not? The lighting at red star very dim, den the photo take liao so not nice, thats why i only show a few. haha

  3. 3 sp*

    learn photoshop! its powerful. (:

  4. 4 ladyironchef

    haha. Where got so easy learn? lol
    Also dun have the software : )

  5. 5 vammy88


    u should have tried their zhi bao ji. yumz yumz~

  6. 6 ladyironchef

    Haha. Went both times never see zhi bao ji leh. lol

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