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People always thought that the best meals are having good food accompanied with good wines. But i came to realise its not just that, the most important ingredient for the perfect meal is simply having good company. Food in the company of good friends can be good food, regardless how cheap or expensive it is.

Visit to Aston with my good friends, wee hong, hong yi, sherman. Food turns out to be good (and cheap). Reach Aston at 730pm, and it has a long Q already, did not make prior reservations as they do not take any. Waiting time for us was about 35mins to get to the counter to make our order, the food came shortly after that. The main problem i noticed about Aston is that they only have one counter for diners to make the orders, so for those in large groups, they usually take quite a long time in deciding and making the orders, when we went in, there was plenty of seats available and they were able to serve the food fast, thus i feel that they should increase the number of counters to speed up the waiting process.

The main course have a wide variety of selections, for chicken there is chargill, black pepper, cripsy fried, hickory bbq, teriyaki, lemon lime,  double up, chicken & sausage combo. Most are price at $5.90, with double up chicken at $9.90 and chicken & sausage combo at $10.90. For steaks there are prime sirloin, black pepper steak, prime ribeye, prime tenderloin, and pork chops, ribs, lamp loin chops. There are also fish dishes, and pasta.

Every main course comes with 2 sides, which includes hot sides; baked potato, french fries, seasonal veggie, onion ring, bbq beans, tasty rice, corn on the cob, mashed potato, and cold sides; potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad, house salad.


Prime Ribeye ($12.90) with choice of coleslaw and fries, medium raw. Steak was unusually tender and juicy (heard that Aston is good for its steak). Generous servings of sides, i wanted house salad but its run out. But one thing about the steak is, the meat was rather fat, comparing to steaks i had before, this one was really fat, can see all the fat meat around. Nevertheless, i’ve enjoyed the steak, and at its price i think its rather cheap. Service rating


Black Pepper Steak ($10.90) accompanied by coleslaw and onion ring, medium raw. Steak was not bad, but i prefered my prime ribeye. This steak also has lots of fat, mister ang had a hard time chewing the meat. lol Service rating


Lemon lime chicken ($5.90) with coleslaw and mashed potato. A simple Chicken fillet was dressed up with a refreshing lemon lime sauce, the dish was quite unique because never seen chicken with lemon lime sauce before. Service rating


Hickory BBQ Chicken ($5.90) together with potato salad and onion rings. The BBQ sauce on the chicken was tasty, a bit sweet and u-know-bbq-flavour. How else to describe? Cheap and good! Service rating

Anyway, i would say Aston food are good, a cafe ambience, price are reasonable or even cheap to be exact. Pity the long Q needed, but i think just go early to avoid having to Q for long. Mister ang drive so its easy for us to get there, the shop is opposite Katong Mall. Good food, good price! But they do not serve ice water, each glass is at 30 cents, so we rather buy soft drink. Total bill was $41.20 for 4 pax, dudes treated me for this meal, thanks guys! On our way there, we passed by the newly opened Cafe Oliv (will probably try them next time), and also, will definitely go back to Aston again for dinner (but kind of far for us people living in the west).

Service rating 

119 East Coast Road, 428806
Tel: 91474627  

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8 Responses to “Aston Specialist”

  1. 1 sp*

    thanks for the invitation and its my misfortune not able to enjoy nice food now lol. (already very sad)

    have a nice trip to china!

  2. 2 ladyironchef


    Misfortune is a strong word to use, lol

    Next week come back den dinner lor, by then yr tooth shld be ok alr rite?

    : )

  3. 3 carlosmamalei

    haha.. eat porridge lo…
    yea.. have fun in china.. CHINA now very hot wor.. 37 degree.. hotter than sing..

  4. 4 hy

    hahaha! we can have half a portion more food with the addition of 1 more person! *ahem*

  5. 5 ladyironchef

    LOL! good idea man! haha

  6. 6 ladyironchef

    China now just start summer, the weather there super unpredicable, one day hot one day cold, to find out more, wait for my post! lol

  7. 7 marcus

    hi.. i think you have to update the operating hours…..

  8. 8 ladyironchef

    Tue-Thu: 12noon-1am, Fri-Sat: 12-3am, Sun: 12noon-1am

    Courtesy from Blurbme

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