Ji De Chi (Liang Seah)



After dinner at Aston Specialists, we went to Ji De Chi at Liang Seah for desserts. It was full when we got there, so we waited a while before getting our seats. Cheapest dessert range from $2 to the more expensive ones at $4. Don’t belittle the small bowl of dessert, it makes big money selling them. Sesame paste, Orginal Herbal Jelly, Walnut past, Mango grape fruit ice from top to clockwise.


Mango iced with grape fruit ($3.50)


Orginal Herbal Jelly or gui lin gao ($2)


Sesame Paste ($2)

Total bill for 4 desserts $9.50, the desserts are not too bad, price acceptable i guess. Parking was difficult on Liang Seah street if you are driving, so either wait a while to find parking lots, or just take public transport to bugis and walk over.

Service rating 

8 Liang Seah Street #01-03, 189029

Tel: 63399928

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