Sun with Moon @ Central


Sun with Moon is a pretty cool name for a restaurant, Sun with Moon @ Central is the second outlet, with its sister outlet @ Wheelock place, and Japanese Dining Sun. The name of the restaurant may implies that they offers everything under the Sun – and the Moon. Indulge in the pleasure of superb Japanese dining as the welcome breeze greets you at Sun with Moon @ Central. Charming at day and stunning at night, the outlet at Central located on the ground floor facing the Singapore river, offers diner a full view of the river with its clear glass walls and mirrors.

The set lunch menu is acknowledged to be value for money considering the fact that the same items for set lunch are cheaper than dinner (no set dinner menu). The food at the restaurant is not expensive, with $12 (cheapest) for a set lunch, but the serving is not really big, so for big-eaters a set lunch may not suffice. Nevertheless, like its sister restaurant, Sun with Moon @ Wheelock, the menu at Sun with Moon @ Central features a selection of both traditional and modern Japanese dishes, and stays true to their philosophy of using only the finest ingredients for their culinary creations.

Went for lunch on fine sunday afternoon for cousins gathering. The set lunch menu starts from 12 noon and end at 230pm, from 230pm to 630pm, they offer the cafe menu which has considerately less main course, and mostly are desserts, cocktails, mocktails, flavoured beers, fine wines and premium sake.


Tonkatsu & potato salad ($13.50). Tonkatsu in the hands of less competent chef could become too dry and hard, but the one at Sun is done just nicely, cripsy and not too dry. Coupled with the sauce, the first bite of the meat makes you want to finish it all. Service rating


I always like a well-balanced meal, so the salad do well eating together with the Tonkatsu. Service rating


Chicken Teriyaki & California roll set ($14.80), all the lunch set meal here also comes with pickled vege, soup and tea/coffee. Like the one at Wheelock, chicken teriyaki place on hot plate was simply good.


The california roll which comes with the Chicken Teriyaki is really yummy, i was really tempted to order a separate plate at $10.50 Service rating


Saba & Oden ($12.50) rice with grilled mackerel. The fish was quite tasty, but the complaint is too many small bones which makes it difficult to eat. Service rating

The side that comes with the mackerel, has egg & fish cake and some other food that we don’t know and also no courage to try Service rating


Mini tori chicken set ($9.30) – rice with chicken cooked in the pot which you have to time with a sand hour glass, stir upon time’s up. Looks quite good, but the serving a tad too small. Service rating

Sun with Moon may not offer fine-dining, but as a casual and fun dining experience, it works for me. Having been to both branches, personally i feel that Sun with Moon @ Wheelock warms up to me more. Reason being i feel that i at more comfortable at Wheelock than at Central. Not that the one at Central is not good, it’s just the feel you know? Despite that, Sun with Moon @ Central, you have the river view thrown in as a bonus. Total bill is $49.65 for four person after discount. I used the 15% discount coupon given to me during my last visit to Sun with Moon @ Wheelock. Ladyironchef still rates Sun with Moon @ Central five stars because i like the modern yet traditional decorations, and the effort in presenting the food to diners.

01-70/71/72 The Central @ Clarke Quay
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, 059817
Tel : 6534 7784

Service rating

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11 Responses to “Sun with Moon @ Central”

  1. 1 sp*

    the Chicken Teriyaki & California roll looks really yummy. thanks for all the reviews, really! (:
    but if my memory doesnt fails me, it seems the same as the previous post! lol

  2. 2 ladyironchef

    Yea, the chicken teriyaki & california roll we had it last time, but it is really good, so this time we have it again : )

    But the other 3 dishes last time nv order before. Haha. U shld go try Sun with Moon, when yr tooth is ready. LOL!

  3. 3 carlosmamalei

    LOLOL… hahahahhahaha…. ya la… post 2 times for what… post something new ma… i think only the picture bigger only..

  4. 4 ladyironchef

    wa lau, what post something new, the chicken teriyaki is the onli one that show before ma, the other 3 dishes nv show before what. lol

  5. 5 carlosmamalei

    LOL.. =)

  6. 6 sp*

    Is there a diff of dishes available between the lunch and dinner? Is that chicken teriyaki only available during lunch set? Should be available except it doesnt comes in set, am i rite? i wonder do they have menu online..

  7. 7 ladyironchef

    LOL! so many questions huh.. ok one by one. Hmm.. let me see, i think there is a slight diff in lunch and dinner menu. But most shld be available at both lunch and dinner. Yea, dinner no set meals, and they do not have menu online.
    Japanese dining sun and Sun with Moon are sisters restaurant, but they have different menu. Both Sun with Moon at wheelock and central has quite similar menu except for a few dish difference.
    ( :

  8. 8 carlosmamalei

    SUPPORT WARAKU… not bad either.. LOL

  9. 9 ladyironchef

    Haha, Personally i really felt Sun with Moon is better than Waraku

    Waraku is simply too.. noisy!! Food is good, but their slogan of causal fun jap dining does not really make sense when eating there is a bit stress with all the shouting ( :

  10. 10 gembira

    I enjoyed your review and because of it, I am recommending this place for our GV get-together this evening. Will try out the dishes that you mentioned.

  11. 11 ladyironchef

    thanks!! hope you often come and read more new reviews : )

    Pls leave your comments whenever you come. hahaha

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